Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Studio apartment: solution to space-starved Hong Kong flats

There is a Chinese saying that goes: “Even though a sparrow is small, but all its vital organs are present”. In design terms, a sparrow is a well-designed studio flat, which is functional and trendy, and meeting all the needs of its owner despite its small size.

To achieve this, there are three considerations—openness, flexibility and a minimalist design.

Knocking down all the walls might be a risky move to take, but with the right ideas and design, you can turn your apartment into a cosy and sleek pad.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Timeless elegance: white kitchen ideas that stand the test of time

Ideas for a white kitchen with a twist

Contemporary or classic: white kitchen ideas that match your personality

Many people might associate having a white colour scheme for your living space with being plain or boring, but with the right design, the subtle colour can turn your home into an open, minimalist and trendy space.

One of the best places to use a white colour scheme is your kitchen. In the words of award-winning designer Mick de Giulio: “White has stood the test of time because it’s clean and fresh.” He further explained: “And those two words — clean and fresh — are classic words for describing a great kitchen. There isn’t a better way to approach design.”

For many, the kitchen is the life of the home, where a family gathers to eat and share about their day. As such, it is important to have a kitchen that is bright and lively.

As the brightest colour, white reflects light, making even the smallest of kitchens seems spacious.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/beverly-villa-2-south-hk-island/

Besides the huge windows that bring abundant natural light and fresh air into this apartment, the ceiling skylight design creates an illusionary extension of the natural lighting, offering an inviting space with positive vibes for casual chatting with friends and family.

The skylight also serves as a centrepiece directly above the island, which is complemented by bar stools and bookshelves at the side, reflecting the warmth and cosiness of a home where owners can enjoy reading while having a cup of coffee.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/grand-panorama/

Another way to make your kitchen brighter and livelier is with a semi-open kitchen like this one. Here, not only does natural light enter through the window, it also comes in from the living room via the opening between hanging cabinets and the island, making the kitchen more lively and spacious.

At the same time, the hanging cabinets ensure a certain degree of privacy for the user of the kitchen, while providing storage for kitchen tools, ingredients and utensils.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/royalton-south-hk-island/

If you are worried about smoke from cooking entering the living room, considering having a semi-open kitchen like this one, which has movable glass panels, which help trap smoke within the kitchen.

By using a transparent sliding glass door, the gorgeous mountain view of the dining room is still visible when cooking or preparing food in the kitchen. The trees and plants evoke a restful, soothing and cheerful ambience.

Another plus point about white kitchens is that they go well with a minimalist design. But minimalism doesn’t mean boring.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/robinson-place/

If you like stainless steel appliances, a white kitchen is perfect for showcasing these kitchen tools, such as in the exhaust hood, sink accessories and pot in this kitchen. The tap is from Galaxy Bathroom.

By having a simple white colour scheme, you can play up the accents and details such as the black knobs and details on the cabinets in this kitchen. The countertop and units are designed by Clifton Leung Design Workshop.

If black, white and grey seem a bit boring to you, bring in colourful accessories, such as a plant in the kitchen above, or pots or even fruits in the kitchen below.


If you like flowers, you can even consider placing an Ikebana floral arrangement in your white kitchen, which adds and arty touch to your kitchen.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/grand-panorama/

With a simple white colour scheme, you can bring in sharper details such as the cluster of copper lamps in this kitchen, which act character to your white kitchen.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/tregunter-tower/

Play with lighting for your white kitchen. In the following kitchens, indirect lighting creates layers, which make your kitchen chic, while not being too fanciful. It also creates a warm atmosphere, for the family to spend precious time together cooking or eating.

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/new-central-mansion/

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/coastline-villa-discovery-bay/

More photos on this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/cherry-crest-mid-levels/

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Work hard, play hard: Tips for designing your home office

With more and more people opting to work from home, study rooms and home offices are becoming an increasingly important part of a home’s décor. However, in Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, we often couldn’t afford to have a room freed up as a home office or study. Even if you somehow manage to squeeze some space out, you often end up with a claustrophobic, small home office, which might affect your thinking process, creativity or productivity.

Here are some innovative ways to come up with space and create a comfortable and inspiring study area.
Apartments in Hong Kong often come with layouts that are not the most conducive for furniture placement. Here’s an example of how we can turn a flaw into something useful. If your apartment has a diamond layout or corners with slanted corners, considering using these difficult to utilize areas to create a unique home office.

Here, an otherwise redundant part of the apartment is carved out to function as a study. Not only is it functional, the unique layout is aesthetically stimulating. The desk, overhead cupboards, and display case are designed by Clifton, while the chair and artwork from Ikea.
Check out more about this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/robinson-place/

In this example, a white wall with the top made of glass is used to separate the study from the living room. The semi-permeability provides a certain degree of privacy for the user to concentrate, while staying connected with what is happening in the living room. The use of glass for the top of the wall also makes the study appear more open and less confined. A shelf that curves around the wall also adds to the continuity of space from the living room to the home office. The desk and hanging shelves are designed by Clifton, the ergonomic desk chair from Posh, and the plastic CD racks from Montparnasse.

Check out more about this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/robinson-place-mid-levels/

As a study room is somewhere that is not too noisy, full privacy is not always required. Why not consider a glass door, which opens up the apartment and allows the room to be more connected to other rooms.

Here is an example of a two-in-one bedroom and study. The original wall is knocked down and replaced with a frosted glass door, opening up the space visually and functionally. The user in the home office can have a certain degree of privacy with the frosted glass, while staying connected to those in the bedroom.

Check out more about this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/sorrento/

Having the study next to the dining room is useful for parents as they can keep an eye on their children in the living and dining room. The chairs in this design are from Herman Miller.

Check out more about this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/tregunter-tower/

If you or your spouse loves to cook or have to spend a lot of time preparing meals, consider situating the study room next to the kitchen. With a glass door, you and your lovebird can check in on each other every now and then, while having separate spaces to concentrate on your work. The use of a glass door also ensures the smoke and oil from cooking don’t enter the study, while opening up the space.

Check out more about this project: http://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/cherry-crest-mid-levels/

Staring at your computer for long hours can be straining on the eyes. Consider having a window in your home office, such as these designs, so you can look out and feel revitalised.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Stress-free living: Tips to turn your home into a sanctuary

The home is not just a place you seek shelter and sleep; it should also be a place where you can relax and wind down from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the company of your family.

In creating your dream home, comfort should be of utmost importance. Here are some tips to turn your living space into a cosy and stress-free sanctuary.

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